Heart Space Mail / April 11 thru April 18

Dear Friends and Community,
I hope with each week there are more and more here that are being vaccinated with greater ease. It seems now that it is really moving along and it also seems that there are more willing to take the jab.

Seems to me that the pace to get back to pre covid days is moving very fast. A fast that I was willing to wish to never see again. I suppose it was very naive to think things could slow down to a coherent pace that is clearly seen, mindfully observed, and sacredly appreciated. I am happy to move slower into our normal routines. I am happy to stay dialed back a bit. The UK variant is a dangerous strain and PA is one of the 4 states that has seen a rise in cases again. Just saying…be so careful, stay safe.

It is nice, at the same time, to see more people again and I guess there will be many meaningful conversations. I find it an easy conversation to have as most everyone is willing to share there their pandemic experience. There is an opportunity here to have heart coherent conversations, maybe like never before. People seem open. That is a positive new thing. More to talk about down the page after the calendar.

On the calendar thus far:
Please note the change for this weeks Monday meditation. It will be on Tuesday evening just for this week…we will be away on Monday.
Tuesday April 13 ~  6:30 to 7 PM ~  Meditation

Wednesday April 14 ~ 1 to 2:15 PM ~ Soul Awakening Practice and Meditation

Friday April 16 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ Heart Space Drum Circle

A reminder for those who have preregistered. This event is full.
Saturday April 17 ~ 7 to 8:15 PM ~ Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Wednesday April 21 ~ 7 to 9 PM ~ Into Some Paint
All supplies included. Please come and play!

Sunday April 25 ~ 1 to 2 :30 PM ~ Grief Healing Circle

Not yet posted:
Gentle Meditative Yoga to begin on Tuesday May 4 at 6:30 PM

And all these Reiki Classes:
May 7,8, 9 ~ 11 AM to 6 PM each day~  First Phase Magnified Healing Workshop

May 15, 16 ~ 11AM to 6PM each day ~ Third Phase Magnified Healing (r) ~ “Light Healing” Practitioner Workshop

June 5,6, ~ 8AM to 6PM each day ~ First Phase Magnified Healing Workshop
Please respond as each post directs.

So there is a quickening, an acceleration and hastening happening among the young. All of the young it would seem  to me from what I am observing just being a shop keeper. From toddlers, to teens and young adult. They are in this time and moment with eyes wide and hearts open. They are sort of seeking, sort of wanting to get things fixed. They have much to learn, and we have much to learn from them. We have an opportunity to share with each other our vision of a different world.
Some have shared how disappointed they have been during the pandemic by those who they thought were the adults. By those they thought were leaders. There is an opportunity, if you are with them, if you are their parents and grandparents, to share wisdom. They are looking for light and hope and many are scared of all that is not right, and all that is not working and will not work to anyone’s advantage, especially theirs.

If they are the future, then this is our chance. They are not to be dismissed or minimized. Many, I mean many, are looking to the Earth and Sky for their support. They are praying. They are meditating. They are wanting to know how to navigate this moment. They are seeking to know more than what they know. They want to feel better just like everyone else.

This is an over reaching moment for those of us who have sought for answers as well. We too were them at one time. But in this time, the pandemic seems to have carved a path for us all to be on together, where they know some of us have things to share. Engage them if you have them in your midst.

The door is open for us to engage. I think it is important and it will be very beneficial for them to get some direction on the way forward.

The quickening is also happening to us. Our source of information is getting brighter, clearer. We our becoming focused and our minds single pointed towards being light bearers. Are we learning, have we learned, that in seeking we know less and less and surrender more and more? Do we know, that change is constant and inevitable, that all opposites collide, and that our surrender is trust, and that this  is all we wanted all along. That trust, has nagged at us forever. To trust to not be afraid. To trust, is to have the weight lifted. To trust in what you ask? To trust what is, and that is it.

My hope is that we are all moving into this realization more quickly. This pandemic has offered us time for reflection and a renewed perspective. We have lots of thoughts to share. I hope as we get back in each others company we can embrace each others thoughts and feelings about all that has happened to us, for us, and in spite of us. To reconcile all that we learned, all that has changed us, even transformed us. And in all the madness, all that we surrendered , and by grace, what we have come to trust.

Peace and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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