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We, Nick and Denise Yocco, owners of Seven Stones, are happy to announce that we will be opening up a new space here in Media at 215 W Baker Street.

Since 2012, after completing The Peace Ambassador Training, I have so desired having a space for the specific use of cultivating and nurturing the seeds of peace that exist within us all. A space to grow in our love and respect of self and all others. A space to be reawakened to our very heart intelligence. A space to share our stories and offer our gifts to each other and our community. A space to facilitate self healing. A space to feel safe in…to speak our heart, to bare our soul…to laugh…to cry. A space for fun. A space to grow our humanity collectively and allow it to be felt within ourselves, within our families, within our communities, within our world.

We now have that space under the shop at Seven Stones, with its own entrance at 215 W Baker Street.

We are very excited as we are aiming to have the space, event ready for February 2016.

It is our hope that this will be a good space for many workshops, talks, book groups, alternative healing modalities, drum circles, meditation classes, yoga, talking circles, exercise and dance, children and young adult workshops, art exhibits, music, etc…on and on.

A space of co-creation, bringing ideas and people together.

So this is a two part invitation, for both those who may have been looking for such a space to offer your particular gift, and for those looking for events such as these to attend.

For those wishing to offer a workshop, talk,seminar or circle, please send your detailed information to



We will respond with all the particulars for using the space.

For those wishing to be notified of events, and to receive event incentives, please leave your email.

In the meantime the space is being cleaned and newly painted…discovered and created for the purpose of the same. In time it will have its own website. We will keep you updated on our progress…with photos!

It is our hope, as the owners of Seven Stones, that the sweetest part of our journey is that it blessed and nurtured others.

In peace…for love,

Denise and Nick Yocco

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