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I would like to say how very thankful I am for the Heart Space community that is growing more and more each week. I am thankful each day for how this space has supported me in my personal human and spiritual growth. A community like Heart Space grows out of a deep personal need for balance. Some say they are looking for a community of like-minded people, and they find them here in Heart Space. Many people seeking to find balance. A search for centering oneself amidst a swirl of confusion and anxiety due to the realization that we live in a world system that is crumbling around us. The realization that there must be something more that one can do that will aid, assist and support our needs, fears, hopes and dreams.

I am seeing more people show up more ready to take to the path of self-discovery. It is never about fixing someone else, or the world. It is not about fixing our government, as nice as that might sound. It is actually a bigger work. The work of seeing and observing ourselves and making the changes we maybe thought would just come with time. We are meant to realize who we truly are, and for the most part we live in a world that could care less about our individual realizations. And we can feel that no one really cares. And we never, ever, should have rested our hopes on anyone else to give to us what only we could seek and find for ourselves. And sometimes, most times, it will take hard times for us to know that, and to do anything about it.

It seems it is time. The time is now. With so much discord in our humanity, with so much violence and disharmony on daily display, with our inability to communicate our differences with respect for each other, there seems to be a growing realization that all the systems we relied upon to hold us together, and offer stability, are indeed coming unglued. We know it and we feel it and we want to know more of what there is to be known that will center us. What will calm the storm.

We have been through covid and we are seeing and feeling the fallout. Some of us lost loved ones to the virus, some have lost themselves to fear, separation, and social anxiety. Some relationships have collapsed. Lost jobs and income and all the rest that goes with all the rest. We are realizing that we were never anchored from within, and many are now seeking to find that inner support.

So that is what is new. More readiness for self-care is new. Willingness to be still to hear something new from within. Heart Space has been the same. We continue to offer to seekers, from the heart, many opportunities to find a way into yourself, with mediation and mantra, book study, yoga, women’s circles, reiki, drum circle, sangha, sound bath, private sound journeys, art, and more. Also, a variety of workshops. All of those who share their gifts do so with love and care for what is personally possible for each of us to find and grow. Each offer from the established integrity of their own path and practice.

It is my effort to help anyone struggling with life, to have them realize that they just did not have the right information to assist in their struggle. Most of us have not had the right information to make best differences. Sometimes the method is so simple we think it cannot be so simple. And then we find it is. And we realize we just needed to remember something we forgot. And we have all needed to remember. Some are ahead of us on the path, never above us, just as there is no one below. A little more ahead is a great help when it is needed. That is the first gift of realization, to finally see the teacher when one is ready to learn about remembering.

Thank you all who are here taking this journey with us in Heart Space.

Peace and blessings,

Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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