Where Misery Ends…

Dear Friends and Community,
Where Misery Ends. I am not entirely sure where this is going. I feel this. So as I feel I go. And there is a feeling that tells me I am not so alone. And so I breathe. And I offer gratitude for the consciousness I have. And I pause, and listen, and breathe and pray, and I poke around to see what the options are. My prayer is for consciousness. For where there is consciousness, both morals and law are fulfilled. Consciousness is the highest. Morals are higher than the law, but consciousness allows us to see beyond ourselves, allows us to step away from the world we have created in our own mind and into the only one there is and the one that not one of us had a hand in creating.

Where misery ends, joy takes over…bliss begins. Each world we have created is separate and different from anyone else’s world. Hence anything we put our mind to doing will never bring us together all the way to the point of joy…bliss…unity. It contains within it separation and polarity, All of our institutions have failed, even our religions, to bring about consciousness. We are suffering in so many ways. Who mentions wellness and wholeness? Who mentions that our health and sanity are dependent upon the quality of our consciousness? Who is there to tell us that within each of us there is a religiousness? A sacredness. A consciousness. An intelligence that is by nature who and what we are. But if we to not realize it, if we don’t move towards it, if we have no longing for it, no desire to be it, we cannot bring it. We cannot complain for the lack of it. We will suffer however for the loss of it. And as a country, and in the world, we see the poison fruit that the lack of consciousness
has brought to bear upon us.

I think everyone here knows what I am saying. We are bewildered. We shake our heads. We are concerned. We care. And I do not wish to leave on a low vibratory note. I will down the page offer what I feel in this moment as a truth we all might wish to carry with us through these days of wonder and awe.

The weeks schedule:
Due to the holiday weekend, there will be no Sunday Yoga, Monday Meditation

Tuesday May 28 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM ~ HeARTSong Soul Art Creation (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/heart-song-soul-art-creation-3/)

Wednesday May 29 ~ 6 to 7:30 PM ~ Witchcraft 101 (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/witchcraft-101/)
What kind of Witch are you, and what kind of spells and magic are you offering to to the world? There is still some room available for this fun and informative class.
This class is for all who wish to know more on this subject…mother, maiden. crone.

Thursday May 30 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ True River Sangha (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/true-river-sangha-2-2024-05-30/)

Saturday June 1 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM ~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/qigong-exercise-for-balance-and-wellbeing-2024-06-01/)

Saturday June 1 ~ 11:30 to 4 PM ~ Past Life /Age Regression Sessions (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/past-life-regression-age-regressionn-4/)
Two sessions available

Sunday June 2 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/mindful-yoga-2024-06-02/)

Sunday June 2 ~ 11:30 to 4 PM ~ Past Life/Age Regression Sessions (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/past-life-regression-age-regression-4/)
Two sessions available

For Reiki sessions or trainings please contact Myra Reichel at 610-348-5698

Upcoming Classes:
Sunday June 9 ~ 2 to 4PM ~ Women’s Ways Circle (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/womens-ways-circle-2024-06-09/)

Tuesday June 4 ~ 6:30 to 8:30 PM ~ Co-Creative Writing Coven (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/co-creative-writing-coven-5/)

Friday June 21 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ Heart Space Drum Circle (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/heart-space-drum-circle-2-2024-06-21/)

Friday June 28 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM Sat/Sun June 29/30 ~ 1 to 5 PM Transcendent Chakra Intensive Weekend (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/chakra-intensive-weekend/)

Sat/Sun July 20/21 ~ 12 to 6PM ~ Shamanic Journeying for Healing. Guidance (https://www.heartspacemedia.com/events/shamanic-journeying-for-healing-guidance/)

Where Misery Ends…
There are many voices, besides my own, that are, and have been, over eons of time, and civilizations, up to this time and day, this moment, advocating for who we really are. We are more that what we see ourselves to be. We are the extraordinary wrapped and veiled within the ordinary. In fact, to realize the ordinary we can be, is to know the extraordinary potential we have. I know many here know this. There is a great deal of consciousness in the world…your and mine included.

The truth about it is sometimes the most difficult to accept. We cannot give our consciousness away to anyone. Becoming an individual is a requirement of it. To be oneself. To realize who and what that self is, is mandatory. To understand that we are a co-creative participant of Existence. To know that who we are is what we bring. Also to realize that anything can occur because each of us has a choice. Also to know that whatever choice we make has a cost, and we have to pay the price.

And the price of unconsciousness is misery. And the cost of consciousness, is the work that accompanies our self-knowing, with the result of being anchored with spiritual utility that dispenses love, compassion, forgiveness and healing for ourselves and others. The cost also is surrender. To give oneself over to what IS. To realize that becoming a human being is to be ordinary in the most extraordinary way. To see the divine, the highest vibration, in everyone…even the least realized person. To realize that the light we have is borrowed, and given, just like the Sun gives to the Moon. We surrender to these truths and more.

We stand in the light that we have come to realize and we offer it wherever we can with no expectations, as none of this really belongs to us…no one really belongs to us. As guardians, co-creators, and light workers, we do our best to shine the light where the light is. Are we here to make the world perfect? Or are we here to bring our depth and totality to it? When we do the later, I feel we will accomplish the former.

With so much happening in our country, in our world, in our life, in our families, and in our communities, it is important to know who we are and what we are bringing to it. It is easy to be discouraged if we think we are the ones that have to put it right. Working from the inside out, we right ourselves, heal ourselves, do our best to give our best, becoming a consciousness in the world, being and giving from our intuitive intelligence, we do what we are meant to accomplish.

Sacred we are. It cannot be taken from us. We might ignore it, the light might be dim, but it is there, and always will be.

Lending for this mail my Mourning Dove to hold us in these times of great loss and great gains.

With love and appreciation,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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