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Since 2012, after completing The Peace Ambassador Training, I have so desired having a space for the specific use of cultivating and nurturing the seeds of peace that exist within us all.

A space to grow in our love and respect of self and all others.

A space to be reawakened to our very heart intelligence.

A space to share our stories and offer our gifts to each other and our community.

A space to facilitate self healing. A space to feel safe in…to speak our heart, to bare our soul…to laugh…to cry.

A space for fun.

A space to grow our humanity collectively and allow it to be felt within ourselves, within our families, within our communities, within our world.

Denise and Nick Yocco

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Denise Yocco

Co-Owner and Peace Ambassador Denise Yocco is always promoting her message of peace and fair trade in and around Media PA. Read about the latest news events on our blog and follow along on Facebook.