The Perfected Soul…


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Dear Friends and Community,
Even though I have been working through a lot of pain in my body due to a funny pivot and an over chiropracted adjustment I have remained in the energy of both the Solstice and the full Strawberry Moon. It just happens sometime that way when we allow the energy to go deep so the beauty of suchlike events can find their place in us. It may have been that I had so little expectation. It may have been that I just wanted to be in the presence of it all. And it sure can be that I felt I was gifted with the photo I was able to take with my phone. All of it held me in the grace of its splendor. I am still in that energy.

Just in passing, after meditation class this week, someone present, a friend, made a comment about what perfection would look like. We chatted a bit about it, but it stayed with me. And as I progressed through my week, trying to get the pain out of my body, I came upon the same thought in my daily readings from several different sources. I love when that happens. And then along with that a dear friend sent me a poem, and asked if I would share it. I will. And another dear friend, after sending her the image of the moon, asked me to share the image here. So this mail is about responding to friends in a way. Responding to what it might mean to share what we love.

Not sure how I will pull it all together, but I will find the guidance to do so after the weeks events and some announcements.

The chakra workshop has been cancelled due to low enrollment. I have rescheduled it for September, which I feel is a better month for this type of work.
There will be no class on Tuesday, July 2.
There will be no Drum Circle in July.

Classes for the next week:
Saturday June 29 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM ~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (

Sunday June 30 ~ 10 to 11AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (

Monday July 1 ~ 6 to 7:15 PM ~ Monday Meditation (

Saturday July 6 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM ~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (

Sunday July 7 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (

Upcoming Events:
Sunday July 14 ~ 2 to 4 PM ~ Women’s Ways Circle (

Wednesday July 17 ~ 6:30 to 8 PM ~ Witchcraft 101/Drawing In Protection (

Sat/Sun July 20/21 ~ 12 to 6 PM ~ Shamanic Journeying for Healing,Guidance (

Saturday August 3 ~ 10 to 6 PM ~ Family Constellation Workshop (

Fri Sept 13 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM Sat/Sun Sept 14, 15 ~ 1 to 5 PM Transcendent Chakra Intensive Workshop (

The Perfected Soul…
Some of us, many many of us, from an early age, have been told that we are imperfect. That we could not be perfect. So we believe it, many of us, and use that as a reason for excepting the lowest version of ourselves and even others. What else can we do with that? Some do imagine that they are perfect and can do no wrong. Many, very many, struggle with perfection in a variety of ways. We are not told much about what perfection is, nor do we understand our imperfection.

While the perfected soul is the conscious evolution through our human birth, our imperfection is missing the mark of that evolution. If we do not know why we are here,or what potential we have as humans, we will miss the mark continually and try to be perfect at things that are effectively meaningless.

Very few people are perfected. It is a journey of transcendence through our imperfections. Through the delusions of duality.Through the maze of prejudice.Through our thoughts and ideas about our separateness. Through all of our conditioning and conditions. Through all our words and actions. And eventually through our very self and ultimately until we are surrendered to what IS. Living in the world, yet free from it. The illusion of separation gone.

And that is why it is such an arduous path difficult to attain. Many of us just don’t want to see the illusion of separation. For many prejudice is embedded in the DNA. Perfection is reached when we transcend our lower vibrations to be absorbed into the higher.And between the lower and the higher are just degrees of difference. And in those degrees the world turns. For better or for worse depending on the degree of perfection we have to offer. Depending on our awareness of what perfection is. It has little to do with any religion really, It is simply the souls journey…every soul.

The perfected soul sees the beauty of existence and knows we are part of it. That we have a responsibility towards it to preserve its sacredness, to know its truth and live it. We each carry the seed of that perfection. And we are being called to realize what is at stake. In essence we are being asked to see what the souls eye can see, to know what the soul knows and to bring forward the souls work in our bodies, so long as we have them as near to perfection as we can get.
And so we keep on trying.

And the beautiful poem:
I have a friend as old as time,
yet new as every day,
she banishes the night’s dark scars,
and sends bad dreams away.
She’s always there to visit me,
so faithfully each morn,
so peaceful and so beautiful,
my friend whose name is Dawn.
She fills [the skies?] with small bird’s song
and opens all the flowers,
she bids the beaming sun to shine
to warm the daylight hours.
She comes and goes so silently
to leave the earth reborn,
serene and true, all clad in dew,
my friend whose name is Dawn.
~ Brian Jacques

With love and peace,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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