The Citadel…

Dear Friends and Community,
There is so much that I do wish to express about these most extraordinary times that we are living in and witnessing. We can say many things about them, and I hope one of them is that we are growing because of them, that we are awakening…waking up to ourselves after so many years of being hypnotized.

I would like to begin a little series with this email using 6 phrases over the next few weeks. I will get to the 6 by taking a couple of them each week. The 6 phrases are from a book and practice I began in the summer of 2017. It became a way through a challenging time of feeling very angry over the politics of our country. This practice became a sentinel for me, and probably for many others as well.

The book, Soul Awakening Practice, by James O’Dea, who had just a few years earlier been the primary co-creator and instructor of the Peace Ambassador Training, became for many, even himself, a renewed focus inward, for all the many of us, that had gotten turned around by the swift hard change in our country.

Out of that practice, others were born, all of which began to build the citadel within myself, with so many sentinels on guard, keeping watch. The six phrases are: soul awakening, heart opening, light shining, love flowing, wounds dissolving, peace radiating.
I feel truly that for the author, this was a transmission he received at a crucial time in our countries history.It had to reach into our hearts, for the sake of the wisdom it held. It was the self exploration that was needed, beyond and ahead of any political activism. I am also being guided to share this at this crucial time, when once again, we are getting spun round and round. We each need our own citadel to wake up to, to work from, and to end our day with.

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There will be more Witchcraft 101 classes upcoming…hope to have one up by next week.

The Citadel…
A strong place…a castle, within the city. A place of refuge and protection.A place of shelter for self and others if and when needed. A metaphor for our inner strength. A place to realize rather than find. Hence, Soul Awakening, the first phrase of the practice. Without our soul being awakened, the rest of the practice many try to be accomplished in “the city”, within our mind, our thoughts, our ways and culture or religion…all the ways that miss the mark.

Soul Awakening is the yearning for something more, something beyond, something deeper and something fresh and new. Its language is silence. There are no disagreements,no arguments, no misunderstandings. The start of this new language deepens the silence with every aspect of the practice. It is like being reborn. The start allows the rest. Soul Awakening happens within the city gates…within our body when we realize our body, mind, feelings, emotions, ways and personality, have created our own world. In the Citadel, we are able to see a reality that is not at all like the world we live in, where the vision is one and the same for each of us, if we just allow our soul to awaken. It does not change the world we live in overnight, or collectively, but it does change how we see it and how we occupy the space we have in it.

It is important that we realize when we look at the world, that there is something inherently wrong with our choices when we see where they have led us. With inadequate choices many mistakes have been made. Once wisdom was pulled away from us, and being reasonable took its place, the slope downhill was mistaken for an easy ride. We are paying the price. Soul awakening allows the doors of perennial wisdom to be opened. It is so difficult to remember what is missing, but once we hear it, we feel it, and once we feel it we wonder how it got so buried in the first place.

Heart Opening. Of course once the our soul awakens, it will and does open up the door to our heart, it is its window. I will say here I feel both the physical and spiritual hearts are opened.We begin to work with the stuff that has settled in our physical heart. That is important and difficult. But the spiritual heart… the true window, the heart of hearts opens up our ability to see with the inner eye, the cosmic beings we most truly are. Now the heart is the eye, and the eye the heart. The most beautiful world we can imagine must have in this sort of understanding, and realization. Are we ready for that kind of beauty? But until then it is protected within the Citadel. And what we protect, protects us.

This happens to us individually. No one can give it to us. A way can be pointed to, but that is about it. The inner work is done alone. We realize at some point that all sincere and heartfelt paths and practices bring us to a point beyond them. It is not a practice that brings us to our soul, our heart,our light, or that creates in us a protected domain. It is much to do with our perseverance in listening to what the silence is saying to us. It is the spiritual experience of our consciousness being joined to its source.

Discerning what we do with that sort of awareness changes our world incrementally, in degrees. The more of us that awaken, the more change we will see. It may be frustrating to see, watch and hear all the convoluted gaslighting that is going on. It is more incentive to stay within the castle walls in the citadel of our souls awareness and our opened heart. Protect what is realized in us and it protects us. I feel this is the better portion that in time will reap its rewards.

The practice goes like this: you say the 6 phrases, soul awakening, heart opening, light shining, love flowing, wounds dissolving, peace radiating, 4 times, Once for yourself, next for those of like mind as a support for each other, next for family and loved ones, and next for our communities, country and the world. It can be thought of as a prayer, a contemplation, a meditation, and an action.

Two quotes from the book:
Under Soul Awakening…”Beyond personal memory you remember who you are as pure lucid spirit”. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Under Heart Opening…”Heart opening is a conscious act of participation in healing the self and others. It is an act of creative engagement with the spiritual ascension of humanity”. ~ Anodea Judith

This is a great book for these times that we are trying to live, work and play in.
Again, it is, Soul Awakening Practice, by James O’Dea

Peace and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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The Citadel…