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Dear Friends and Community,
Welcome to all those new to this community. I hope all have enjoyed their holiday in whatever way you chose to do so. This one, for me had a very different texture, color and mood. I wondered, often, how many were feeling the same, paying attention to what I am perceiving as a very significant moment in our countries history as a democratic republic. Essentially what that has meant for me, without revealing too much of what I do not know, is that we are self-governed by the choices we make in electing those in charge to hold steady to the constitution and the law of the land.

And while it has never been perfect…far from it, it also has never been so under attack and so visibly broken. We are in trouble. I remember at the start of the year I mentioned that it was going to be a harrowing year to get through due to it being an election year. I said I would not offer too much regarding it, and I have not.
I feel that in this moment we are being called to speak up…to say something…to feel something, and to know exactly where we are no matter what side you feel you are on.

Our freedoms are sacred for each of us. We each are sacred. Each of us have a sacred duty to perform on this earth. No one should experience less freedom and others more. And while we have missed seeing the sacred in all people, and while many freedoms have been denied to far too many, and for far
too long, there was always the rule of law by which all were considered equal. No one considered above it. Not even, and especially, one holding the highest office as president. All that has changed. Hence the SOS.

I will continue down the page after the schedule and upcoming events.

There will be no classes this weekend. Qigong and Yoga will resume on July 13 and 14.

Monday July 8 ~ 6 to 7:15 PM ~ Monday Meditation. (
Just a note that beginning in September this class will begin at 6:30 PM

Thursday July 11 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM~ True River Sangha (

Saturday July 13 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being ( / New Chair Series
Sunday July 14 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (

Sunday July 14 ~ 2 to 4 PM ~ Women’s Ways Circle (

Reiki Information:
Reiki Master Practitioner would be tues july 16 from 9:30-12:30pm no student yet and 1 to 4pm with a student I have already continue thursday july 18 from 11 to 3pm no student yet and from 3 to 6pm with student I have already or schedule Ethics Classes, Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Practitioner, or Shinpiden Reiki Master or 3 levels of Karuna Reiki (R) or Magnified Healing (R) by appointment.
If interested in studying the teachings of G.i. Gurdjieff as presented by his direct studaent W.A. Nyland in person or over zoom or a mixture please contact Myra Reichel 6103485698 (

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday July 17 ~ 6:30 to 8PM ~ Witchcraft 101 / Drawing in Proection (

Sat/Sun July 20/21 ~ 12 to 6:30 PM ~ Shamanic Journeying for Healing, Guidance (

Tuesday July 23 ~ 6:30 to 8:30 PM ~ Co-Creative Writing Coven (

Tuesday July 30 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM ~ HeARTSong Soul Art Creation (

Saturday August 3 ~ 10 AM to 6 PM ~ Family Constellation Workshop (

Friday August 16 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ Heart Space Drum Circle (

Friday August 23 ~ 6 to 9 PM ~ Batik Workshop (

A distress call, usually from a sea faring ship, indicating some disaster where the ship has lost its stability and function to stay afloat.

Morse code that became an acronym for “save our souls”, or “save our ship”. I feel our country is that ship. And we on board have carried on so much grievance and not enough gratitude. We have weighed it down with so much self-interest and bias, with arrogance and ignorance, and while claiming God and Jesus, both have been missed. Little by little we carried on more and more. The weight of dishonesty, hypocrisy, greed, prejudice, inequity, injustice has been the heavy cargo that keeps threatening to put us close to the plimsoll line.

Are we the ship of fools? Of course we are, just as much as any other country can be. We all try to stretch the limits. The ship…the container we are in…our country…our democracy, is more or less made to withstand all we do, until we can learn to do better both individually and collectively. But when the ship…the container, the country gets corrupted, it puts all on board at risk. And so here we are.

The Supreme Courts 6 republican justices has put us all at risk this week. It gave zero consideration to the nation it is bound by law and oath to protect. Little by little over the past years instead of a bouy to help anchor us collectively, it has weighed us down with bad decisions taking many freedoms and rights away. Voting rights. Women’s healthcare and abortion rights. It has decided that it can determine the quality of our air, water, food, healthcare and more striking down the Chevron deference where federal agencies, experts in their fields, rendered decisions in behalf of public health and safety. They have put more guns on our streets. And of course the latest assault was to give immunity from the rule of law to a convicted criminal, insurrectionist, perpetual liar and grifter. They gave a future leader the permission to commit crimes while in office…essentially making him above the law and setting up our already overburdened and weighed democracy to sink.

With this in place there are no guardrails. They were the guardrails and they failed. Hard for me to imagine that it was even considered. What kind of person asks not to be responsible for what they do? What kind of person asks for immunity to commit crimes in the name of official business? What is wrong with this court has become very bad for us as a country, as a people and as individuals. And they don’t seem to care.

I hope we can see the light of day through this mess we are in. Individually it will take a bit of the sacred to assist us with the burdens and grievance we ourselves carry. It will take courage and selflessness to save the container…the ship…the country, the democracy, rather than elect a president. It will take more than we have ever had to do. This time there is so much at stake…so much at risk.

As people belonging to this democratic republic, I cannot imagine we would risk taking a load of choice onto our ship where we would give up our right to vote and self rule.

When one is above the law, they are kings. What type of king do you think a lying criminal would be?

While it may be his destiny to play this part, it might be ours to reject it…to reject him, to reject all the bad behavior of those who have sold their souls and succumbed to his dis-ease. We cannot enter thoughtless into this time. We cannot be asleep. We cannot let out children down. We cannot forget the progeny in our grandchildren. We cannot align with separation. We cannot not be a democracy with a king.

We each should know our own plimsoll line. We should know where we cannot acquiesce anymore. We should know now not to think everything will be okay…it won’t be that bad. The guardrails are off. The last break system on our justice system has failed.
The Supremely Corrupt Court, has said this convicted criminal is free and clear to even kill, as an official act, anyone deemed his political enemy. The only thing we can do to prevent our ship…our container, our country…our democracy from sinking is to choose it. What ever that might look like. It is a bigger moment than we have prepared for…more than we wish we had to choose. But it is where we are.

I pulled 3 cards in an effort not to write about this. I wanted to be released from what I felt compelled to say. But the cards confirmed my heart. They were archetype cards and the first was Dreamer, bringing renewed hope that act as a source of regeneration. This above all must be a message of hope.The second was Sage, reminding me and you to stay centered, balanced and reliable. Imploring us to ground ourselves and listen to our core’s steady pulse, which is the soul’s intelligence and insight, teaching us to trust our deeper intuitive sense and make choices based on grounded consciousness. And the third, Falcon, who rises up and gazes down at the mapped landscape, riding wind and current he scours the cartography scanning for impending threat, seeing all the ways it can come. With his falconer, his mission is to map the terrain and plot the safest way forward, while hers is to hold firm the earth.

And so my heart was validated and by grace, I was guided to offer all of the above.

My hope is that at some point we truly see each other, where it might occur to us, that we will do no harm. Where a free people can be truly free with no stick or carrot, just human kindness bound together on the ship of unity.

Peace and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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