Heart Space Gift Certificate




Heart Space Gift Certificate

A Gift Certificate for Heart Space can be used for anything that is offered in Heart Space. You can use it on classes and workshops and also on any merchandise that is sold in Heart Space. It can be used to purchase items in Seven Stones Gallery that are related to the classes and events in Heart Space ( meditation pillows, mala beads, yoga mats and bags, etc…). They can be purchased in amounts of $30 and up, and can be used for 6 months from the date of purchase.

This image is downloadable so you will be able to purchase, download and print your gift certificate and fill out appropriately. We will also have soon the physical gift certificate to purchase in Heart Space.

On line they are purchased in increments of $30. If there be any questions please email me at 7stones.heartspace@gmail.com

Thank you for requesting a Gift Certificate!

Until we are able to have the cart  corrected and set up please call to offer payment.



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