How I Got Here…

Dear Friends and Community,
I like to play with photos. This one is a chalk drawing that was a great outdoor activity during the summer of 2020…during covid, that me and our youngest granddaughter did. I like it because it reveals to me that I had come into 2020 with a much greater awareness than I had in 2016…we remember 2016?

It tells me that I had defined some spaces in myself…drawn some lines, made more progress in my human-ness. It had taken 4 years, and I had Donald Trump to thank for it. He was pivotal to my leap into consciousness. A turning point that I share with others. We had to grow up or down. Live angry or learn what could be learned when someone as empty as him gets to fill the biggest space in the country.

I thought I was going to settle into the training of the peace ambassadorship I had recently learned. I had imagined that the big work was done and then Trump was elected and I was no longer feeling very peaceful at all. I was angry. I just could not believe the turn our country took after 8 years of Obama. Feel about either one what you feel, but know the contrast was staggering. Perhaps they each were extremes. In fact I feel they were.

I knew at some point, after I got together a Indivisible Group, that the work that most needed my attention was my own. I did not like feeling angry. And I did not like that a political process had made me so. I had work to do and it had nothing to do with Trump. He was just what it took for me to realize that the lines that defined me at that time were too short, and the work, in earnest was then about to begin.

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Sunday June 2 ~ 11:30 to 4 PM ~ Past Life /Age Regression

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How I Got Here…

I began to read and study and meditate. I thought I was already into the deeper waters of knowing and growing, but now there was a drive, an eagerness to experience inner peace and knowing that I thought I had, but being so easily knocked off its foundation, I realized I didn’t. In learning about me I learned about him. Also about those who imagine they need him. He truly has nothing to give, so therefor there could be no real need for him. And these were just observations and not judgements. It was what I saw, and still see. More than all else he makes me feel sad, and for the country offers nothing but chaos.

Were it not for him I would not have entered into my own knowing. I would never have felt what I have come to feel about our democracy. I would have grown wrathful and hateful. Instead, I was able to realize his damage. I see him as a very wounded soul and person. So I came to know I should have some compassion. There is not much to like about him, but within somewhere the divine exist. He may have been a good comedian, but instead he does not leave us much to laugh about. We need to be serious when it comes to him. We need to know who we are. We need to know where we draw the line. We need to realize the moment we are in. We need to understand what can be lost. High cost for food is a small price to pay for our teetering, not fully realized as much as it should be, democracy. As long as we have a democracy it can be improved.

I was surprised to learn about the verdict. I was not giving it my attention. My daughter texted me with the news. I had refrained from any opinions. I prayed for the jury pool. I was not sure they would be brave enough, feel they were not at risk, to render a guilty verdict such as this. But they were. I feel there were many who offered some light their way.

After I spoke with my daughter, I took my drum off the wall and played it…and repeatedly said thank you. I then burned a bundle of sage, cedar and eucalyptus, again with much thankfulness offered it to directions and elements and to all that conspired to get us to this moment.

The line I came to draw with no malice was that justice be served. That he would not be treated as if he were above the law. He tends towards wanting to be treated like a baby, a disruptive child getting his way. That is not power. I am satisfied that he was convicted. I am not so sure that this was a sad moment in our country as much as it was a good one. Our justice system did not fail or collapse. It worked. I am thankful and grateful for all it took for that to happen. Happy for all who finally exhaled.

I read just the other day that it is believed, in 1945, when Hitler passes off this plane, the human race took a giant leap forward in their consciousness to never again forfeit their souls, or give away their individual power on a mass scale again. Of course the words sent chills up my spine. It is considered to be on the akashic scale of spiritual significance. It also said that there would be people, would be leaders, who tried again, and that the planet would not support it. It just would not be able to happen.
~Re-member / A Handbook for Human Evolution ~ Steve Rother & the Group

And so where did I land after reading that? I decided to trust it. To stay in my lane, and do what I do, with the lines I have drawn for myself. To realize that love is the opposite of fear and trust is the currency of tending to my heart and spirit. I have created in myself a beautiful world that I know can exist for all of us…that actually does exist, if we allow ourselves to not be so fearful, and to love ourselves more.

I feel the planet has stretched the boundaries a bit, but that could be me not trusting enough. There is still far too much war and violence, death and destruction. Very bad rulers and horrible governments. And, as well, there is more consciousness. So we wait. Draw our lines. Define who we are and know where stand. The battle is hardly over with these 34 felony convictions. For the man who woke me up, I wish he could do the same. I don’t ever try to kid myself into believing that will happen. Although, I know that it is impossible, just not very probable. I am however very thankful that in 2016 due to him, I realized that peace must be carried within me, along with love and truth. It is a practice to stay within these lines. And so I practice.

“What we meet in another is our own level of evolution”. ~ Ram Dass

With love and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones

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