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Heart Space at Seven Stones
212 W State St, Media, PA 19063, Media Pa, PA, 19063

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Grief Healing Circle

Offered by Denise Yocco

This is a space most difficult to enter into. But let me ask you this, what would it feel like to learn how to manage and eventually master your sorrow? This is something that we all must learn how to do, because life treats us all the same. Everyone loses someone, something, somehow, sometime. It is inevitable. Suffering and loss are part of the fabric of life, the worst part of life, but it is the part that awakens us to find out why things happen as they do. Allows the search for why we are here. It grows us. It is fertile soil for us to evolve in. It moves us inward to where all the answers truly are.

Not to say that we get to feel better about it. Not to suggest that our pain goes away, or the loss stops being felt. Not even to suggest that we want to forget.  No, none of that. But there is a reality that we can learn about, where we can both navigate and reconcile the inevitability and uncertainty of life. The worst of life.  It takes time and for sure and it will require something of us…the choice to work at learning, trusting, and feeling better.

This is a step that is part of everyone’s journey.  Do you know why the Buddha became the Buddha? 

Things to bring: 

A pen and notebook. 

This class is limited to 5; please preregister if you would like to attend.


About Denise Yocco

I offer to this Heart Space community what I love and what loves me back. I am not educated by any university, or particular school of thought, only by what I have sought to learn and what life has offered to me in abundance to learn from. I feel deeply and passionately about self-knowing and wholeness. I feel certain we can self-heal through self-knowing, self-loving and forgiveness. I have taken The Peace Ambassador Training with James O’Dea, and heart honored to be part of the 2nd graduating class. I have taken classes in Non-Violent Communication and in Conflict Resolution, also have taken classes with Andrew Harvey, a modern-day mystic, as I have leaned more into the great ancient mystics, such as Rumi, Hafiz, Nanak, Kabir, and Sanai, and those modern, as well. I consider Osho to my master teacher.

I have allowed myself to unravel and undo a few times. Have allowed myself to unlearn so that I can be learning in every moment. It is hard to keep learning when we feel we have learned. The space for learning and unlearning needs to be open…always.  I am human and many times have missed the mark that each of these studies has offered to me. But I stay on course and continue to evolve. I possess no special skills to heal another, only the heart that keeps offering to others a way through, as I have found, and what I know works to heal. It will always come down to the work we do to help ourselves, no matter who we learn from, no matter who lays their hands upon us, no matter our teachers or guru, religion, or degree, it will always be our decision to heal ourselves.  Our greatest service to each other is to do that work, and offer, from the heart, what we are learning through life, to be bridges, to be friends. I simply and passionately offer that. Deeply thankful and blessed to be of service.


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