Citadel III ~ No Grief Land


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Dear Friends and Community,
It was a beautiful solstice day and I hope you were able to take some time with it to feel the joy of it, and the very bright light it came with this year. I felt it as a soft energy that wanted to play. I gathered as many crystals as I could to bathe in the glow of sunlight. I will also leave them for the full moon this night to shine upon them.

I will be offering the last two phrases of the Soul Awakening Practice in this mail; wounds dissolving, and peace radiating. This practice laid the foundation for the “citadel” that I have been speaking about. Of course figuratively, for the place within myself that is anchored and strong. A place of knowing and of deep rest. The place, the fortress, that both protects and guards. This place cannot be taken away from me.

There are many practices and methods that can bring us to ourselves…actually they all can if we stay with them and give the the best parts of ourselves and allow them to move us along. We are never alone in this and yet it is accomplished in our aloneness. More and more I am so aware of all those around me in the spirit realms.They are now palpable. We all have them with us,around us, and they all wish us to know they are there, and how much we are loved.

Down the page after the weeks schedule I will continue with the remaining phrases and how helpful they can be for anyone who is ready to enter “no grief land”.

Saturday June 22 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (

Saturday June 22 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ Heart Space Drum Circle (

Sunday June 23 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (

Monday June 24 ~ 6 to 7:15 PM ~ Monday Meditation (

Tuesday June 25 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM ~ HeARTSong Soul Art Creation (

Thursday June 27 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~ True River Sangha (

3Day Class Event
Transcendent Chakra Intensive Weekend (
Friday June 28/ 6:30 to 9 PM
Sat/Sun June 29/30 ~ 1 to 5 PM
Please preregister by Monday 6/24

Saturday June 29 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM ~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (

Sunday June 30 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~ Rise and Shine Yoga (

For Reiki sessions or trainings please contact Myra Reichel at 610-348-5698

Upcoming in July:
Sunday July 14 ~ 2 to 4 PM ~ Women’s Ways Circle (

Wednesday July 17 ~ 6:30 to 8PM ~ Witchcraft 101 Series / Drawing in Protection (

Shamanic Journeying for Healing, Guidance (
Sat/Sun July 20/21 ~ 12 to 6 PM

Citadel lll ~ No Grief Land
Nothing happens overnight I do wish to note that. Love overtakes fear incrementally. Soul Awakening is the start. Gently, it open our hearts. We become aware that darkness is most simply the absence of light. And just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun,we realize that our light has its source in Spirit. Our Light Shining is Spirit meeting Itself in us…being reunited with the fragment of divine light we each have withing us. Once realized, then Love flows…not the ordinary kind of love that can be very self-serving, but the love that is LOVE; the letting our vision evolve kind of love. This love overcomes our may fears. It is our fears that hold us back and keep up in lock step with polarity. Polarity separates us.

Just as darkness is the absence of light, so too, fear the absence of knowing…of information. We tend to fear what we do not know. And so often it is our very self that we do not wish to know. I can only offer here from my own experience as I lived most of my life fearful of my inner world. Sadly, it is what most of us do. This is not a judgement, but rather an observation. Not sure of all the reasons, but sometimes we just don’t know where to begin.

It takes a bit of trust to embrace ones fears. It takes courage and bravery as well to step into a flowing and growing Love. In the face of so much that is going on that begs us to be afraid, in the place of our personal losses and suffering, there is a soft place to land within. Remember that we are never alone or without resource. There are always helpers and and guides waiting for us to ask for what we might feel we need to know and grow ourselves.

In the presence of love flowing, wounds begin to dissolve. Not magically, but as a result of our awareness of where we wish to be, what we wish to accumulate,and what we no longer want. Wounds dissolve when we break the cycle of wounding. Wounds dissolve when we forgive. Forgiving self and others we stop holding so tight to being right and righted. We release grief and grievance. We have harmed ourselves long enough. Withheld forgiveness long enough.

Love and forgiveness become cornerstones of our fortress. An opened heart is the armor of a spiritual warrior. Peace Radiating is the result and gift of continuing to take the journey. We will not be perfect, but we will give our total effort to the advancement of life’s journey to shine a light where there seems to be only darkness.

Soul Awakening, Heart Opening, Light Shining, Love Flowing, Wounds Dissolving, Peace Radiating. This is the practice,the prayer, the contemplation and or meditation, to be done with awareness and said first for oneself, next for those of like mind, next for all our loved ones and friends, and lastly for our neighbors, and communities, our state and country and for all the world, for all sentient beings.

It it true that in the darkest sky you will see the stars most bright. It often has taken the darkest of times for people to realize what next needs to be done. It is not enough to wish away what we don’t like, what we wish wasn’t happening. We have to climb over it, subdue it, transcend it. And know, that even if it prevails, it cannot take away what itself doesn’t know. It cannot take away what inside has been built.

From James O’Dea:
” Wounds feed on wounds.Over time, if not dissolved, wounds form a constellation of anger, hurt, and recriminations which implode is self-destruction, or explode in violence to others. We live in a world of wound contagion”.

“Punitive and vengeful justice add wound upon wound. Restorative justice heals. Humanity’s future requires justice that seeks to restore communal health and heal broken trust”.

“Peace is devoid of any passivity. But is sun and moon ~ both active and receptive”.

Any action that begins at the core of your being unites with the source of all being. Look for that point of ignition between the local self and the more universal self. Whether your first gesture is to still your mind, beat a drum, raise your voice or cross the threshold of an old fear, celebrate your choice to leave passivity behind and embrace creative action”.
~ Soul Awakening Practice

Peace and blessings,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones
Above painting/ Guides by Denise Yocco

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