Citadel II


Dear Friends and Community,
Soul Awakening, Heart Opening, Light Shining, Love Flowing, Wounds Dissolving, Peace Radiating. This was the mantra that brought me to a deeper awareness of what peace truly is…it brought me to its deeper reality. It brought me to my knees in prayer, to my cushion for meditation, it opened me to a me I did not know existed. A less frightened me. A brave and courageous me. It allowed me emerge not only as a fellow traveler, but as one who wanted to bring others through a dark time to see where the light truly is. It humbled me. It was gift in so many ways.

It was June of 2017 when the book came out. In January, I had brought together hundreds of people in creating an Indivisible group. I am not sure it if it still exist. Do you remember what they were? The short of it is that while I was able to start it, I was not at all ambitious enough or even smart enough to stand with the people it attracted. They were educated in so many ways, and in all different directions. They were angry just like me, that we had in common. Out of my depth, I settled on book keeping, and making sure we were working legally, and honestly. Registering our group, being responsible for opening the meeting, and belonging to a sub-group that I called Project 25. I was looking to the termination of a presidency, that had barely just begun. I was not getting any less angry and I was having a difficult time with my feelings. I began, out of nowhere to open the meeting with a short centering meditation, hoping it would quell the anger most were feeling. There were lots of
people and we all wanted things to be different. But they were what they were. And I was who I am. Peace did not seem to want to be a cornerstone in the structure of the group. Perhaps had I been a bit more adept in the work that I now love…everyone must start somewhere.

After the calendars and announcements I will continue down the page.

The new website is up. I still have some things to get in there, but it appears to be working for preregistering for classes.

Due to the 5 Mile Race in Media, on the 21st, I am moving the drum circle to Saturday the 22nd at 7 PM. I know this may not work for people to attend, but for those who can, it will make getting into town easier.

Saturday June 15 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM ~ Qigong Exercise for Balance and Well-Being (

Sunday June 16 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~
Rise and Shine Yoga (

Monday June 17 ~ 6 to 7:15 PM ~
Monday Meditation (
I will offer Chakra Tuning this week.

Tuesday June 18 ~ 6:30 to 8 PM ~
Sacred Word and Mantra Meditation (
With chakra tuning and singing bowl meditation.

Thursday June 20 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~
True River Sangha (

Saturday June 22 ~ 10 to 10:45 AM
Qigong Exersise for Balance and Well-Being (

Saturday June 22 ~ 7 to 8:30 PM ~
Heart Space Drum Circle (

Sunday June 23 ~ 10 to 11 AM ~
Rise and Shine Yoga (

For Reiki sessions or training please contact Myra Reichel at 610-348-5698

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday June 25 ~ 6:30 to 9PM ~
HeARTSong Soul Art Creation (

Transcendent Chakra Weekend Intensive (
Friday June 28/ ~ 6:30 to 9 PM
Sat/Sun June 29/30 ~ 1 to 5PM

Sunday July 14 ~ 2 to4 PM ~
Women’s Ways Circle (

Not yet posted:
Wednesday July 17 ~ 6:30 to 8PM ~ Spiritual Cleansing, Clearing and Hygiene
Witchcraft 101

Sat/Sun July 21/22 ~ 12 to 6 PM
Shamanic Journeying for Healing Guidance (

Saturday August 3 ~ 10AM to 6PM ~
Family Constellation Workshop (

Citadel ll…
Once the book was out I read it quickly. I remember and realized that I was a sacred activist, and although I stayed on and tried, I realized how deflating politics is. It is a game I do not like, and I just did not have what it required. At the same time my daughter was pregnant with her first and she was sick with a more severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, something I has never witnessed before. She needed me and so I left the group. I promised myself, that I would do something to meet the moment in a way that felt more in alignment with who I am.

Reading the book brought me back to the peace ambassador training with James O’Dea and the 7 day intensive that followed with him in
Crestone Colorado. I was severely out of my depth there as well. Yet I was there with 11 other very brilliant wonderful people. Some worked in the UN, some were part of NGO’s in Africa, some creating water systems in remote villages. It was like that, one person after another. I felt like a gooey podling, just being hatched. They had heart and education. I had heart and more heart. It was really quite amusing now that I think about it. But anyway, I remember him saying, that it is too late to go and get an education in peace work, in restorative justice and so on…he said you just have to go out and create the world you want to live in, where you stand and who you are with…it goes on from there. And so I did just that.

Heart Space was brand new and it had been born for a time. I began to read and study, I began to create alters everywhere…I still do. I began, just with the study I was doing to create meditations out of the Soul Awakening Practice…for a year practically just with one other person. We both stuck. I love you Linda and thank you. One day, I guess I felt brave and said I wish there were 10 people here and guess what, 10 people showed up. It was crazy.

It was not perfect, but it was total. Once the heart opens the light begins to shine…light shining. The gifts of spirit are many if we are willing to care enough to realize them. No matter the path or method if you meet its depth you find its light. And eventually, the light is no longer just contained within the Citadel, it spreads and shines its light into ” the city”…through our body, our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our life…the light expands outward. And when we protect the light, the light protects us. We realize it cannot be exhausted, because the source of it is inexhaustible. The more we give away the more is given to us. It is the law of abundance. Once we are in the vibration of light and the light is growing, our castle is being built, the Citadel, is being formed, and the sentinels are taking their place as corner stones. We are carrying in trust our truth and nature…our inheritance. It will mean everything to us and for us in a world that seems bankrupt and

Light shines and then love flows. So hard that feels when you begin your journey into it. But it is the very pinnacle of our success to love. It is not the love most think about. It is a love for truth and justice where nothing else can take their place. It is a love for the sacred arrangement that allows each of us to realize that we are divine. No one is excluded…we all have the same parts that allow for that to occur.

I agree it is hard to do when we are looking at where we are different. The greatest illusion is that we are separate from each other. If we are ever to co-create a new world we will have to see each other as each other. It is a whole different world when we see it as the observer inside the Citadel. From that point of perception there is only love. And there is compassion and kindness and realization. These are our mighty guardians, protectors and life and soul healers.

These are hard times. This a season of confusion and fear for far too many among us. This is a time, if you have not already, to begin realizing the Citadel within. To begin moving into your depth. A time to trust your gut about things…your truth and your nature. A time for being strong. A time to lay on the Earth and allow her to heal us form within. It is a time to rest our mind, our thinking, and our thoughts from the the many, far to many things in this world among us that have dulled our light, and blunted our concern and care for our potential and for for the love we are made to know, made to grow, and show and be.

From James O’Dea:
“The inner light of the heart shines from a place far beyond the personal self. It is beyond distinctions between light and dark or good and evil”.

“Love is where human desire meets divine will.This is where we grow and where we feel the burning away of resistance. Give yourself to the flames”.

Create a alter to your soul awakening, to your heart opening, to your light shining, and to your love flowing.

Hoping soon to have the book in the shop again. We have run out. Wounds Resolving, and Peace Radiating will be saved for next weeks mail.

Keep forgetting to say:
Happy Pride Month
Happy Juneteenth
Happy Solstice
Happy Father’s Day

With love and peace,
Denise Yocco
Heart Space at Seven Stones
image above by yours truly


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