30 Days / $30

Fall Offer ~ 30 Days $30

Because Heart Space is really the heart and soul of what we offer to our community, we are wanting to attract more people to Heart Space, which is a space for self-love and care.  New faces are always so nice to see. So this offer,  may be attractive to those who may have  wanted to try a few different classes but could not afford to do so. We offer many modalities by many skilled and caring people that we believe are worthy of your inquiry. There are many ways to find your breath and comfort in Heart Space. All of our classes and workshops offer a path inward. Some like the subtle work and others like to head right in…there are both.  We are mindful and careful of everyone that walks through the door. We embrace awareness of the heart and soul that are so often easily neglected and sometimes ignored. Our goal in Heart Space is to offer opportunity to find and hold our smile, to find and hold our joy, our love.

So I hope you take this time to look over the special offer for those that are new to the space. It is a introductory offer and it offers an opportunity to experience more than a few classes over the course of a month. Please look through the calendar to see what might be of interest to you. We add new classes often, so please check it frequently.  Please look also at the profiles of those offering the classes. If you have any questions please contact us via email at 7stones.heartspace@gmail.com

30 Days / $30

For those new to Heart Space that have not attended any classes,  here is a introductory offer to introduce new faces to our space to share what we offer.

Here is an opportunity to try several of our classes during the course of 30 days for just $30. This is a great savings! You attend any of our regular ongoing classes throughout the week over the course of your 30 days. These include all our weekly classes, and our monthly Drum Circle.

Workshops, Massage, and individual Healing Sessions are excluded in this offer.

Limited to 30 special offers per month. The date and times do not matter.  It is valid for 30 days from the time you purchase the special offer. Please print out your receipt and present it at each class that you attend.

This is a special limited offer to anyone new to Heart Space. This is a limited feature from, August 25 to  October 13, 2019, to allow us to welcome those new to Heart Space an opportunity to see which classes they find they might like to attend. It opens Heart Space up to new faces and for you, new experiences.

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