Saint Retablos


Santa Monica-Patroness of mothers and wives

Santa Ana – Patroness of Grandmothers, mother-child relationships, and homemakers

San Francisco de Asis – Patron of animals, children, kindness, and ecology

Saint Roch – Patron of dogs and dog lovers

Saint Gertrude of Nevilles– Patroness of cats and cat lovers; invoked against rodents

San Antonio – Finder of lost animals


For general well-being and health:

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Patroness for suffering and compassion; invoked in general favors, in sickness and against evil, particularly war

San Antonio – Finder of lost objects and animals, patron of worthy husbands, women who want children, orphans, and miracles

Saint Valentine – Patron of lovers, happy marriages, and young people

San Rafael Archangel, “The Shining One Who Heals” – For children leaving home and travel

Guardian Angel – For protection and guidance

Santa Monica – Patroness of abuse victims

Dymphna – Patroness of mental illness, epileptics, mental health workers, and victims of incest

San Peregrin – Patron of cancer patients and AIDS patients; invoked against illness

Saint Drogo – Patron of deafness, broken bones, muteness, mental illness, hernias, and sickness



Brigid of Kildare -Patron ofinfants, midwives, nuns, poets, poultry farmers, illegitimate children

Saint Patrick – Patron of Engineers

Saint Agatha – Patroness of nurses; invoked for breast health

Santa Gertrudis – Patroness of teachers and students

Santa Cecilia – Patroness of musicians, composers, and music

San Pasqual – Patron of cooks and shepherds

Saint Drogo – Patron of baristas, coffee shop owners, and coffee

San Cristobal – Patron of drivers and travellers

San Miguel – Patron of soldiers, policemen, bankers, grocers, and radiologists; invoked for protection, and against perils at sea

Saint Valentine – Patron of beekeepers



Guardian of the Innocent

Angels of Abundance

Angels of Compassion



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