True River Sangha


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Heart Space at Seven Stones
215 W. Baker Street, Media, PA

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Go As a River;

Go As a Sangha

Dear Community,

Welcome to True River Sangha. We are so happy to greet you. Together we have the opportunity to breathe, walk, relax, drink tea, and talk together mindfully in the tradition of our beloved teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Buddhism is a spiritual practice grounded in compassion. You can be Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist and still follow a Buddhist path.

Even though we have a typical program each week, we listen to our bodies and let our intuition guide us toward the practices that are most nourishing to us in the present moment. At the same time, ‘we go as a river’ mindful of the group energy. Sangha means community. It is a refuge, one of the ‘three jewels’ of Buddhism, along with the Buddha and the teachings, or Dharma.

As we sit silently and comfortably in the candlelight of our practice center, our minds have a chance to slow down and we can reconnect with the ‘true self’ we sometimes lose touch with. When we ‘stop’ we can be present. Present, we become aware. From awareness, insight arises. In the company of friends we can share our practice deeply, without fear, knowing we will be heard and accepted.

Our Practice: 7PM Gather, Open, 7:10 Offer Incense, Sitting Meditation, 7:40 Moving, Stretching

7:50 Readings / Training, 8:15 Tea / Dharma Sharing, 8:45 Closing, Depart

Modest Donation.

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