Meditation Monday


6:00 pm - 7:15 pm


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Heart Space at Seven Stones
215 W. Baker Street, Media, PA

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 Meditation Monday

Led by Denise Yocco


Welcome to Heart Space.  I will be offering this meditation space in a themed setting. I will offer 5-week themes on a variety of both subjects and methods. This class was created to welcome those newly finding themselves on the path of mindful awareness through meditation. I want everyone to know that meditation, the desire to begin, come as the result of maturity or growth, on one’s part. We are not learning meditation; we are learning who we are. 

I will offer a variety of methods, including mantra and sometimes use music as a way into meditation. I will also offer a topic for contemplation.   I am hoping to offer a meditation practice that evolves uniquely for each person.  My goal is to have you leave feeling self-nurtured, self- loved, and thankful for the time you took to come out to participate in a group meditation. 

As an introduction to this class, I am offering it for $5 per week if you attend for 5 weeks. That is half the cost. For those who cannot make the 5-week commitment it will be the regular $10.

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Denise YoccoAbout Denise Yocco

I have been reluctant to offer anything about me as a bio. As you may know I am co-owner and co-creator with my husband Nick, of Seven Stones Gallery and Heart Space at Seven Stones.


I offer to this Heart Space community what I love and what loves me back. I am not educated by any university, or particular school of thought, only by what I have sought to learn and what life has offered to me in abundance to learn from. I feel deeply and passionately about self-knowing and wholeness. I feel certain we can self-heal through self-knowing, self-loving and forgiveness. I have taken The Peace Ambassador Training with James O’Dea, and I am heart honored to be part of the 2nd graduating class. I have taken classes in Non-Violent Communication and in Conflict Resolution, also have taken classes with Andrew Harvey, a modern-day mystic, as I have leaned more into the great ancient mystics, such as Rumi, Hafiz, Nanak, Kabir, and Sanai,, and those modern, as well. I consider Osho to my master teacher.


I have allowed myself to unravel and undo myself a few times. Have allowed myself to unlearn so that I can be learning in every moment. It is hard to keep learning when we feel we have learned. The space for learning and unlearning needs to be open…always.  I am human and many times have missed the mark that each of these studies has offered to me. But I stay on course and continue to evolve. I possess no special skills to heal another, only the heart that keeps offering to others a way through, as I have found, and what I know works to heal. It will always come down to the work we do to help ourselves, no matter who we learn from, no matter who lays their hands upon us, no matter our teachers or guru, religion, or degree, it will always be our decision to heal and mend ourselves.  Our greatest service to each other is to do that work, and offer, from the heart, what we are learning through life, to be bridges, to be friends. I simply and passionately offer that. Deeply thankful and blessed to be of service.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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