Introduction to Shamanism


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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Heart Space at Seven Stones
215 W. Baker Street, Media, PA

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Introduction to Shamanism

Guided by Damini Celebre

Sept 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 2023

6:30-9pm, Wednesday evenings

$ 350


One who see with the heart is also called a Shaman. The root of all indigenous cultures (yours and mine) is a deep connection to the world surrounding them.  We are a part of the Web of Life; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Bird, Rock; our Ancestors, Descendants, and our Helping and Guardian spirits.

Shamanism is a practice that can be found in the roots of all cultures. The name may be different, but the concepts are the same— Be One with the Land, Your Ancestors and the Web of Life.  Shamanic practices keep your personal power strong, because you claim your power, your voice, and consciously develop a deeper relationship with the Spirit That Lives In All Things. Instead of searching outside yourself for guidance and permission, Shamanism gives you a direct line of communication with your compassionate healing spirits, Nature, and Spirit.

During this introduction to Shamanism, you will learn a powerful tool— the Shamanic Journey. Shamans from all cultures have used the journey to bring back information, knowledge, and build personal power by having a direct dialogue with their helping spirits.  Using the Shamanic Journey, you will learn to connect with your Power Animal, Spirit guides and raise your energy and vibration. During the weekend we will also discuss the shamanic perspective on illness and health, and the ethics of this profound practice.

Those new to the call of Shamanism and those who like to spark their existing connection are welcome to join.

You will learn:

• Learn to be in partnership with the Web of Life and your Helping spirits

• The ritual of the Shamanic journey

• The cosmology of Non-ordinary reality from a shamanic perspective (Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds)

• The shamanic perspective on illness and health.

• Ethics and protocols for practicing Shamanism


about your guide

I’m Damini Celebre, Soul Advocate

I have been an artist and healer for a long time, and like you, I’ve tried different ways to be of service to myself and the world. In the many iterations of becoming, I always come back to being a guide. I am dedicated to helping others rediscover their inner power and guidance so that you be the fullest expression of your bright and beautiful self.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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