2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Heart Space at Seven Stones
215 W. Baker Street, Media, PA

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community ~ holistic wellness ~ earth education ~ spiritual development

Women’s Ways Circle

Facilitated by Terry Anne Wildman

Woman’s Circles have existed throughout history to create community, share insights and stories, promote healing, and empower women of all ages. The circle symbolizes the World and the oneness of all life and celebrates the cycles of Nature and Womanhood.  Gathering in circle reminds us that we are all related. In 1990, the Women’s Ways Circle was created by Lorraine Simone, aka Deep Arrow Woman, founder of Moonfire Meeting House and the Women’s Ways Mystery School, to spread the healing power of ceremony to create a safe and sacred space for women to share their truths and experiences without judgement. Through these gatherings, women find their true voice and practice sharing it while gaining insights into their own life’s journey.

Women’s Ways Circle | Moonfire Meeting House

If interested in joining us or if you have questions, please contact Terry Anne Wildman at 610-291-0679 for more information and to register. A Circle Fee of $25.00 will be collected at each gathering and 100% of Circle Fees goes to support: local, national, and international women organizations and humanitarian causes such as: Women for Women International, UNIFEM, The Retreat, World Vision, WWF, KIVA, and St Joseph’s Indian School. NO woman has ever been turned away for lack of funds.

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